Gateway College of Technology recognises the salience of integrating current work-place practices with vocational training to deliver programs of the highest quality.

Consequently, the delivered education and training becomes of a particular vocational relevance to our clients. All trainers and assessors whom Gateway College of Technology wishes to employ will have theoretical, vocational and experiential industry skills.

Gateway College of Technology will make provisions for human and financial resources to uphold the academic rigour for which Australian education system is known. The delivery of our scope is informed by teaching methods that are effective, novel, innovative and ecologically valid. Also, the industry feedback will take utmost precedence in guiding the delivery of our accredited training.

Our mission is to provide quality education. We will continue to develop highly innovative training methods to consummate this mission.

Gateway College of Technology offers face-to- face classroom training as we believe that face-to- face environment offers valuable interaction between students and training staff. We have classrooms and computer labs optimised with essential study aids (e.g., Google hangouts as Virtual platform, fast internet, Lap-tops, printers) that are prevalent in modern workplace. Collectively, these facilities will give you the feel of a modern workplace.

We believe that human touch is essential as our trainers / assessors are available on campus and away from campus (e.g., through phone call or Google Hangouts) to assist you in your journey with Gateway College of Technology.